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Our summer Kids Camp is a week-long kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing camp on Lake Union in Seattle. Open to children between the ages of 6-12. Youth participants are guaranteed a terrific staff, quality adventures, excellent sports equipment, good times and fantastic instruction. Participants will build skills, friendships and confidence all week long. Camps run M-F each week:  9am-3pm daily! 

At Moss Bay we believe in the concept of “inside-out” learning. By this we mean that young campers in our program will discover for themselves how much they love to kayak, sail or paddle board. Through our supportive, yet low key approach to skill development on the water, kids seek out those activities for which they want to develop more skill. By not over pushing the kids to perform, we find that they become more interested in water sports. Similarly, by having limited structure for the program we do not produce the kind of “stricture” that eliminates fun. Regardless, the kids will have safe fun, in a low-pressure setting. We fully appreciate the benefits of goal-setting, accomplishment, and skill acquisition and believe the proven benefits of our low key, inside-out approach produce the best results for kids and their parents. Campers will develop their passion for water sports through their initial experiences at Moss Bay centered on fun, play, safety, and incremental skill development, not excessive competition and pressure. Campers will learn to kayak, paddle board and sail while practicing water safety. Campers will experience fun interaction and teamwork with other kids. Each day campers will experience new boating destinations and games in Lake Union’s protected waterways.


Q. Whats the main idea behind Kids Camp?
A. To give kids (6-12) a fun and safe experience on the water in self-propelled boats. As Tom Sawyer said about boating, “to have a good time and try to be nice to each other.”

Q. What will the campers do all day? 
A. In a perfect world, when the wind/weather cooperates, we will split our time evenly between Kayaking, Paddle Boarding and Sailing each day. We will take breaks every hour or so for water, sunscreen and bathroom runs. We also do a super coach each morning and afternoon to introduce new skills and concepts.

Q. Is it a drawback that our child has no prior experience or big muscles for paddling?
A. No. Kids are put in pods divided up by age, size and temperament, and the activities are tailored for each pod. All campers will kayak, sail and paddle board daily.

Q. This sounds strenuous. Will our child become exhausted?
A. No. Our staff is well trained at adjusting the activity level as the situation dictates. Plenty of water breaks and sunscreen breaks throughout the day.

Q. Does Kids Camp really prepare kids for future kayaking, pb & sailing experiences? 
A. Yes, because the kids are having fun they learn skills and principles very quickly.

Q My child is not a strong swimmer. Does this matter?
A. No. Kids and counselors wear comfortable, tailored life jackets at all times on the water. We have 15 staff in camp each day with the 60 kids so never is a camper far from our staff.

Q. Is Lake Union a good place for this kind of week long program?
A. Indeed. It has a 7mph speed limit, lots of parks, many interesting sights, and Harbor Patrol support.

Q. Do we have to sign up now? We are waiting on other summer program selection dates and family friends to coordinate with.
A. You can sign up now and switch weeks later with no penalty… just don’t wait to long. A lot of our camps start to fill by early February.

Q. How should the kids dress and prepare for the program?
A. Participants tend to dress in layers for the weather of that day, but no special gear is needed. Sunscreen, snacks, sandals, a towel, bottle water and a change of dry clothes work great.

Q. Can children come before or after the scheduled program hours?
A. Yes. We offer before care from 8am to 9am and after care from 3pm to as late as 615pm. Cost is $8/hr paid daily in cash.

Q. How can we know that Moss Bay will take good care of our child?
A. Since 1986, we have kept an absolutely unblemished safety record.

Q. What happens if it rains / lightening?
A. A little bit of rain will not scare us off the water or from having fun. We have two small covered areas as well as umbrellas to keep the kids out of the rain if it picks up for a short period of time. We understand that our camp is also a ‘day care’ for some parents who need to be at work all day. We will keep the kids safe, mostly dry and make sure they are entertained all day regardless of a bit of rain. If there is lightening in the area we will obviously get the kids off the water asap. We will not go sailing at all on days where the forecast calls for lightening at any point during our camp hours. If lightening does hit in the area we will take cover at the docks /marina and hopefully just wait it out. We will keep in close contact with the Seattle Harbor Patrol and if they think its safe we will go back out once the lightening is at least 10 miles away and has not been seen from in at least 30 min (similar to pga golf or football games). 

Q. What happens after our child is registered for the camp?
A. You will receive a follow up packet a few days after we receive your registration. It will consist of a welcome to Moss Bay letter full of helpful reminders, a health survey and a receipt with our tax id # for your records. 

Q. Are refunds given?
Refund Policy: Any cancellation before June 1st will be refunded 90%. Any cancellation after the 1st of June will be a 90% reusable credit. Moss Bay will hold onto 10% of the funds to cover the small credit card processing fees & insurance purchased at the time of a sign up. We do not keep any $ for our ‘troubles’, it’s no trouble, its our pleasure to sign you up but we also cant eat the costs on something that was no error of ours. Campers needing to cancel for medical reasons after June 1st (and who have a doctor’s note) or because of a family emergency (such as a death in family) will also be refunded (minus the fees). All cancellations must be called or emailed in by a parent of the registered camper(s)


· Once camps fill to be placed on a wait list please email us the week you are looking for, # of campers, and best # to reach you at. If a spot opens up we will call right away (we will leave a message if we miss you and allow a 24 hr period/hold before calling next in line).

· To switch weeks you are currently registered for you must email us at If there is space in the camp you hope to move to we are happy to do it at no cost or penalty.

· Space is limited to 60 campers each week.

· Make-Ups / Camp credit given for days we do not go out due to unsafe conditions (we WILL go out in rain)

All Day Camp

$ 340
+ tax

  • Full Day (9-3)

2017 CAMP REGISTRATION: ALL camps are now full AND at this time all wait lists are very long… (sorry)!

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