Join the club and get all the benefits

Summer Hours: 

  • June – Aug | 9 to 8 M-Sa, 9 to 7 Su

Fall Hours:

  • Sept | 7 days a week 10 to 7
  • Oct | 11 to 6 F-M

Winter Hours:

  • 11 to 4 Sat & Sun

Spring Hours:

  • April |10 to 6 Su-M, 10 to 7 F-Sa
  • May | 7 days a week 10 to 7

* ALWAYS  call ahead on HOLIDAYS & rainy / extra cold days. We may close early or not open at all!

What to bring:
Valid Photo ID (drivers license, military ID or passport)
Weather Appropriate Clothing
Water bottle


Are you an avid kayaker? Do you like the rush of cruising with the wind on a sailboat? Is paddle boarding your thing? No matter what small boat you prefer, Moss Bay has you covered. Members can enjoy unlimited kayaking & paddle boarding 7 days a week during club hours. If you choose the sailing option as well, you can enjoy the sail boats up to two hours per day from June 1st – Aug 31st, M-F between 330pm to 730pm (not available on weekends or shoulder season). It makes a lot of sense to kayak, paddle board and sail at Moss Bay instead of buying your own boating equipment and struggling with storage, maintenance, and resale.

Membership Options

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding only

/ per person

  • 3 months (start anytime)
  • Unlimited kayaking & paddle boarding during hours 7 days a week
  • Bring a friend in a dbl kayak for just $5/hr
  • Limited spots – don’t wait
  • Must sign up in person

Kayaking , Paddle Boarding AND Sailing

/ per person

  • 3 months (start anytime)
  • Unlimited kayaking & paddle boarding during hours 7 days a week
  • Sailing M-F (two hour per day between 330-730pm)
  • Reduced rate on tandem kayaking with a friend ($5/hr)
  • Bring 3 friends sailing at no charge each time out